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From Yangon, Myanmar

Lives & works in TBD


I am an aspiring artist with origami being my primary passion. I have made origami and paper crafts since childhood. I typically fold models created by other artists; occasionally, I try to get inspired to create my own models. My interests include drawing, sewing, cooking, sustainability, and appreciating art and nature. Recently apart from my studies, I have been occupied with political and humanitarian issues that includes not only what is happening in Myanmar, but also what is happening in Xinjiang, India, Nepal, Colombia, Tigray, and Palestine. 

​All diagrams and pictures that I have posted follow the creative commons rules. I do not post other individuals origami diagrams, although I may link to them. You are welcome to copy, make, and distribute diagrams/pictures, giving credit where it is due, for non-commercial use. The poetry posted is also written by me unless stated otherwise; please contact me before resharing.

This website is created as a kind of digital portfolio so I request that you take a look around. If you have any models you’d like me to create, demonstrate, teach, or collaborate, or just want to give me your feedback, kindly do so by filling the form on my contact page or messaging me on social media. This website was last updated in May 2021.

Some of the things I Do



Paper crafts

Informational videos

Past Experiences

Little Me
(2006 – 2017)
Grade school education in English Medium of Instruction schools in Yangon

Naive Me
started my personal website. Migrated from Wixsite to WordPress in 2021

More Mature Me
(2019 – )
University undergraduate studies in English Language

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