Save Burma

By the time you reach this blogpost, you may wonder how you can #help #Myanmar. You may be overwhelmed by the abundance of news articles, petitions, and fundraisers that you can see on the internet regarding #Burma. Worry not, as I will try to make things as simple as possible for you. In this post, I will share some websites and a non-exhaustive list of ways you can help us.

  1. Donate some money. Every bit you can spare will help.

On The Ground Mutual Aid

My friend Hein made this for people who wants to donate to Karen idps (internally displaced people)

Here are the links:

Gofundme :

Plumfund :

Phan Foundation :

Facebook fundraiser :

2. Write to your presidents, prime ministers, ambassadors, and organisation CEOs. Sample letters can be found here: USA, Singapore, and anyone.

3. Spread awareness about us. Post, blog, tweet, or anything. We need attention in order to make the UN and other powerful organisations help us.

4. Boycott military-owned businesses, if you are an expat or tourist in Burma.

5. Learn about our history and keep watching over us.

6. Share with us tips on how to overthrow this #militarycoup.

7.  Cheer us on by joining #milkteaalliance and #threefingersalute.

Do NOT be misled by pro-military people and please do NOT do anything to reveal our identities as the junta might catch us. They are not representing the voice of #justice and #democracy.

Remember that Myanmar politics must be re-made, not restored. Please do not bother trying to learn the terrorists’ side of the story.

All information has been provided by #whatishappeninginMyanmar, my friend, and the Internet.

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